Water, please

Water, please

Our bodies are 60-70% water.  Human bodies runs on water, because chemicals travel in water.  Not enough water?  Our chemical reactions suffer.  Brain cells demand much more: oxygen, water, and nutrition.  They suffer from even a little thirst.

But coffee/tea/beer/soda have water, don’t they?”  Unfortunately, they all are diuretics (meaning: they will make you pee out double what you drink of them). When you choose to drink those other beverages, just add a glass of ‘water’ along with each glass of ( X ).  Also, water taken in that way, will ease your risk of a hangover.

How much water do I need to drink a day?  Roughly, eight – 8oz. glasses/day.  Remember to drink more with hot weather, exercise, and to pair with other beverages (as mentioned above).

I like to start each day with a glass of water 30 minutes before eating or having coffee.  I do drink tea regularly.  After a few cups of tea, I often notice my hands look old and wrinkly.  I run to get some water, quick.

Keep up your water intake and you will be noticeably sharper, more energetic, and more beautiful.

Thanks for reading.

Mark Hughes, LMT CKTT CCT