How is your sleep?

How is your sleep?

How is your sleep?  No problem?  Occasional problem?  Always a problem?

Natural sleep patterns follow the sun, so they are named Circadian Rhythms.  Once the light bulb was invented we could remain active around the clock.  Resisting those Circadian Rhythms results in jumping off the sleep train.  Or bodies function best when matching the darkness of night.  Optical brain chemistry is tricked into thinking it is time to wake up by using lights and LED devices (TVs, Computers, Tablets) before bedtime, making sleep more difficult.

How much sleep is necessary?  Roughly 8 hours.  We sleep in waves.  Lightly at first, deeper, Deepest, then lighter again. Perhaps even waking.  It takes about 90 minutes to reach the deepest sleep.  In the deepest stage we trigger healing events where our Human Growth Hormone is produced.  HGH heals injured tissues and brings forth new tissues that we need to grow daily.

Imagine the plight of someone with Sleep Apnea.  They stop breathing several times a minute, choking awake over and over.  They never get more than a minute into a sleep cycle.  They never reach deep sleep to make HGH.  Their health suffers.  It can be mistaken for ‘snoring’.  Have it checked out, please.

Sleep tips (I apologize.  I do not take sleep issues lightly.  Causes can be rare and difficult to solve.  For less severe cases, here are suggestions):

– No Caffinated drinks past 5pm.

– Pen and paper on the nightstand.  As thoughts keep your mind busy, instead write them down to handle later.  (I had success with this, except I couldn’t read the genius scribbles I had made).

– Don’t lay awake for more than 30 minutes.  Get up and read, etc. and go to bed again when you are tired.

– Keep lights dim as bedtime approaches.

– Going to bed 30 minutes early, I sleep great.  On time or later, not so much.

– Massage activates your rest/relax hormones, and turns off your stress hormone production.  I have been told by clients with trouble sleeping that massage helped.

Thank you for reading

Mark E. Hughes, LMT CKTT CCT